Shannon Andrews


Shannon Andrews is the first and only Natural BioEnergetics Practitioner in the province of Saskatchewan. She works mainly out of Estevan. She would be happy to set up a Private Appointment with you.....

Shannon has been an NB Practitioner since 2014 and has recently finished her advanced training in November 2017. She worked with clients in areas of;

  • Pain Management
  • Addictions
  • Chronic Illness maintenance
  • Nutrition
  • ABI's/concussions
  • Anxiety/depression
  • Allergies/sesitivities
  • PTSD
  • & so much more

Shannon comes to Natural BioEnergetics with previous medical training in the area of medical laboratory technology. She has supervised labs as a Quality Control Officer. Therefore she has a good understanding and knowledge in the body and how western medicine works.

She has started working on her PhD in Natural Medicine in 2017. She looks forward to meeting with each of you and helping you through your own journeys. 


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