10 Things that tell that your Video Session is working....

For some of you, Natural BioEnergetics is relatively new. Honestly it has been around for over 40 years and many people all over the world have benefited from the technique. In some countries, due to regulations it is known under other names but it is all the same technique.

Basically it is a technique that accesses the normal bioEnergy flow in your body. As specialists in this area we work to correct disturbances, glitches and blockages that prevent your body from functioning normally and going thru the natural self healing process it was designed to do.

How do you know it is working? Well some people are more aware of what their body is doing. But to give you a few pointers of recognizing when its working in your body, I am redoing a post I made years ago this time in video format to help you out. Just remember not everyone reacts the same and not everyone even reacts where you can notice. These suggestions may not be the norm for you. Here they are

1) you feel jittery during or after a Session.....maybe almost more alive. That is you BioEnergy system being charged. It is almost like you are shivering but not cold. Not everyone has this but it can often occur for many. Sometimes it only occurs in the beginning or sometimes when you are doing deep work. But many experience this

2) you may feel sleepy during or after the session. Your body is working hard. This can occur for a few. It is normal and it's a good thing. The body needs to process new information. Sometimes the best time to do that is when you are sleeping just like a growing baby. Let your body adjust to it, it needs it.

3) You may feel nauseous. This is typically a healing crisis and honestly it is a good thing contrary to how it feels. Your body is discovering something or purging something it doesn’t need. As unpleasant as it feels you are encouraged to ride it out and let your body work out what it needs to work out. You will feel great in a few hours or a few days. Drink lots of water to help your body expel any toxins. It will help your body process faster.

4) You may have to go to the bathroom more. Peeing and pooping more Is another way the body is purging. It is a good thing. Again, for some people it may be uncomfortable but the gastrointestinal track and the renal system are two of the main and first routes the body uses to eliminate toxins. It's a good thing, let it happen. For most it passes in a few hours.

5) you may toss and turn in your sleep at night. That means your body is processing new information. It usually doesn’t last long but it is a good sign that your body is doing what it needs to do

6) your emotions may be on a little bit of a roller coaster for a few days. Things are sorting out. Once they stabilize, you will feel better. This is an emotional release.

7) you may cry right in the middle of the session. Don’t worry, honestly as a facilitator, I say that is a good thing. Ride it out. The body needs to work it out. Something is really working and an emotional release is probably what you need.

8) sometime you feel extremely cold during or after the session. Your body has heated up inside and the natural response is to cool it down much like your body would with a fever only you don’t have a fever

9) sometimes people have the opposite response and they feel hot. Again, it's the body response to what is going on. It won’t hurt you.

10) you may have wild dreams following a session. Dreams are you minds interpretation of events or your daily routine. Let it happen. Your mind is just sorting out new info. No worries.

None of these are out of the ordinary. But no two people are the same in how they process. Some people don’t recognize the processing their body is doing and some people don’t fully process anything until months after. Everything has to be worked thru in layers. It's like Shrek says, people have layers. And sometimes you may not even have a reaction until weeks later when someone reaches a new layer.

If you have any concerns, always contact your facilitator with questions.